Tronox Mtunzini Buffalo MTB Race


Date: 6th May 2018
Venue: Mtunzini Country Club
GPS start co-ordinates: S28 56.670 E31 45.655

Richard Everingham
Cell: 082 447 9970
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Dave Squires
Cell: 082 801 1130

Leaving the Mtunzini Country Club with its sweeping view of the coastline and Umlalazi lagoon, riders wind through a manicured valley track of the Mtunzini River Estate down to the start of a spectacular indigenous bush single-track running the entire eastern side of the village.
On the southern side of town, this indigenous forest is swapped for flowing plantation single track and canopied timber tracks which takes riders through Twinstreams Educational Centre and Twinstreams Nursery to the first water table at Hudley station loading zone.
Here the 25's head back north into town along the 4x4 jeep track of the Tronox boundary which skirts along beautiful indigenous bush.

50's keep heading south down the thrilling "Drop Down" into the serene "Lost Valley" and up onto the Fairbreeze contour road with its panoramic views of the Amatikulu lagoon coastal forest and seascape.
From Fairfreeze the course crosses under the N2 and heads inland onto the sugar fields of the Emoyeni flats. Then its back towards the coast to join the 25's along the Tronox route back to Twinstreams.

Both tracks enjoy their own single-track routes back through town before the final ascent onto the golf course and the finish in front of the Mtunzini Country Club.
For those doing the 50 it is worthwhile to note that some energy be saved for the end to tackle the mother of all the indigenous bush trails in the area, "Frank's Revenge" in the Ezemvelo Reserve.

The course generally comprises well prepared tracks- either properly mowed 4x4 jeep tracks or highest quality flowing single track. The 50 includes 500m ascent and the 25 no more than 75m.  Generous water tables support the riders every 10 km or so.

How to Get to Mtunzini (N2 North)
From Durban You'll follow the N2 North for approximately 158km (1.5 hour trip by car)

You will eventually get to a toll gate Called "Mtunzini Plaza" (this will be after Tongaat and Mvoti), keep to the left to exit to the Mtunzini gate.

When exiting the gate you will be on an offramp to Mtunzini. When you come to a Stop, turn right onto the bridge and into Hely Hutchinson road Mtunzini.

How to Get to the Mtunzini Country Club
From the Toll gate to get into Mtunzini, please be sure to keep left and take the Mtunzini exit at the Mtunzini Plaza.

Once on the offramp after the toll, when you come to a stop, turn right onto the bridge and into Hely Hutchinson road.

When coming into Mtunzini, follow Hely Hutchinson, this road road takes you directly to the Mtunzini Country Club.

This road will direct you straight ahead, into town, you will be led around a brief left turn as you come over the hill into Mtunzini, and experience a beautiful sea view as you drive in.

Keep following the road, up past "Mtunzini Spar" and once you see the golf course to the right prepare to turn into Mtunzini Country Club, you will be able to see it quite easily.

2018 Mtunzini Buffalo 10km and Fun Run

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2018 Mtunzini Buffalo 25km

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