Big 5 MTB 2019 announcement

With much regret we have to announce that the Big 5 Series in Zululand 2019 will not be going ahead as planned due to the withdrawal of 2 areas for completely different but understandable reasons.

We would like to thank Bell Equipment for their generous sponsorship of the Series in the past years and for their continued support. We will approach other Sponsors and areas to continue the Big 5 Series in Zululand for 2020 if it is feasible.

Yours in Cycling
The Big 5 Series in Zululand team

Bell Big 5 MTB 2018

With the first race of the 2018 season only 8 weeks away the area organisers are very busy preparing tracks and getting the logistics organised to deliver a bigger better Series.

Bell have once again generously sponsored our Series and we are so grateful to be associated with a proudly "made in Zululand" company.

The Big 5 MTB Series and Bell equipment company are a very good fit to enhance each other's brands given the associated similarity between Bell products and the nature of and the environment in which MTB and trail running takes place.

The events are based in, organized by and benefit the communities in areas where the land use is predominantly sugar and forestry, which forms a significant part of Bell's agricultural / forestry equipment sector.

The fundraising efforts from each area are used to support our community and in tribal areas by using local labour and supporting their projects like water tanks at school, maintain crèche infrastructure, provide shoes to schools and maintenance and upgrades to the local clubs.

It also promotes MTB locally and is accessible both in distance and financially to Zululanders of all age groups and abilities, it provides opportunities for local NPO to raise much needed funds through the provision of services during the event like : Rotary, Round Table, Moths and Woman's fellowship groups.

Close of the 2016 Bell Big 5 MTB series in Zululand

We have come to the end of another amazing Big 5 MTB Series, sponsored by Bell Equipment company once again, thank you.
Thank you to all the cyclists who participated, the Series sponsors of Mascor, Ola, Taste Joy, Everest Ice, Wetland water, Talisman, Zululand Cycles, Netcare 911 and Emprint who supported at every race, the area sponsors who supported the races in each of their respective areas, Clubs and schools who hosted the races and of course he families and spectators who supported and turned it into a family fun outing. Thank you without this support the Series would not exist.

This year saw a few of changes take place and next year there will be a few more.

2016 Bell Big 5 MTB Series in Zululand

The Bell Big 5 MTB Series got off to a cracking start with the Zini River Estates Buffalo race, the first race in the series, on Sunday 22 May. The weather was magnificent, the entries were up on last year and the routes fabulous. Well done to the Mtunzini Mountainbiking group and the Mtunzini Country Club for a fine race this year.

Andrew Hill did a fine fast finish in the 50km race of 2h01 and first rider home in the 25km race was local Zululander, Calvin Hume in a time of 1h15 and he is a Junior to boot!